A002.jpgA004.jpgA008a.jpgA009.jpgA010.jpgA012.jpgBride and Groom in a rather formal type of a portraitA016.jpgA019.jpgA022.jpgA023b.jpgA026.jpgA highly stylized picture of people at wedding reception hallA033.jpgChair.jpgDress.jpgFloral arrangement in iceMG_3596 .jpgBride and Groon on dock at lake - a slightly different version.A standard portrait of the Bride and Groom in a park.Bride and Groom near pond in a parkOldCar.jpgPool area prior to guests arriving for receptionRec_B.jpgS&N_ 331.jpgS&N_ 377.jpgSage58.jpgStateCap.jpgWhiteFlowers.jpg