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Some cat ramblings

A Ramble


This site is brand new and in time, will contain information regarding cats – of course!  I am currently in the process of developing the Professional High End Cat Photography section which you will be able to access once the site is developed – please bear with me as it will take some time to complete. Should you have any questions regarding the Professional Cat Photography services, please send us an e-mail by clicking the icon on the top right of this page.




People that know me will attest to the fact that I like animals more than most people I meet – especially cats.  I love cats!

Why?  Well for one thing, cats are smart, very smart.  Some people believe that cats train the people they live with rather than the other way around.  I tend to agree.

Secondly, you don’t have to walk a cat (although I do) they know how to use a litter box so morning walks are not even needed.  Smart? Yep, real smart.

Why do I walk my cats? Because they like to get outside once in awhile just for a change in environment. And yes, on a leash.

I’ve had cats my entire life with a dog or two along the way.  The cats usually managed the dogs very well, letting the dogs know where the boundary was.

= = =

Let me introduce some of my cats…


The Moose 

Moose a Maine Coon Cat

Moose was the sweetest Main Coon you would ever want to meet.  When he and his brother Maxwell were kittens, they used to romp all over my place checking out everything and anything.

At a very early age they learned to a few things that I never expected of them – like how to open the freezer section of the fridge and dig out frozen foods.  They were notorious for this until it came to the point where I needed to stop them from constantly opening the freezer.  A simple solution: Duct tape over the side of the freezer door.



The Moose

Portrait of the Moose

Moose was happy to go anywhere in the car.  At first, he would ride in one of those regular cat carriers, you know, the type that confines the cat, I wasn’t crazy about that. So after some time and testing, I discovered that Moose loved to ride in an open carrier as seen below.  At first I was a bit leery of trying this but soon discovered The Moose would just sit there and take in the sights – although he would complain if we drove too far or the sights became a bit too dull for him.

Moose rides in a modified carrier

Moose rides in a modified carrier

One of Moose’s favorite things to do was to sit outside on the veranda.  He would pass the time of day people and bird watching.  Believe it or not, Moose never had to be leashed as he would never leave the veranda – even if he saw something that really got his attention!

The Moose out on the veranda

The Moose out on the veranda


On December 21, 2011 at 7:43 am, Moose passed on in my arms.  I was just about to leave for work and as usual, I would stoop down to kiss Moose and let him know I loved him.  That morning was very different.  Moose was on his sofa and as I walked towards the door, Moose yelled at me and staggered as he walked to me.  I stooped down to pick up Moose and just as I did that, he collapsed.  I immediately rushed Moose to the local animal emergency room with hope of saving him.  By the time I got there he was too far gone.

After living with Moose for over 17 years this was one of the darkest days of my life.

I love you Moose…

Moose, a Maine Coon cat






Maxwell a Maine Coon Cat

Maxwell or as I used to call him Max, is Moose’s brother and he is also a super sweet Maine Coon and super bright!

Max would sit, come, lay down, jump, and roll over all on command.  Unfortunatly, I do not have as many pictures of Max since one of the hard drives containing thousands of pictures blew out.

Here’s a couple pictures of Max that I was able to locate in remote backups;

Like his brother Moose, Max loved to take rides in the car – only without any carrier.


Max - a Maine Coon cat

Max liked to take rides in the car!


Max was also the photo model of sorts.  Seems anytime I had my camera out he would be in the perfect position for a quick shot or two.  Here’s one of Max treated as Sepia:

Maxwell the Maine Coon cat

A sepia version of Max

The first thing most people would notice about Max was his gorgeous eyes:

Maxwell the Maine Coon Cat

Max had stunning eye color!

About two years ago we had to put Max down since he had cancer.  That too was one of the darkest days of my life.

Miss you Max and Love you tons!




One summer afternoon I was at a church function and noticed this little guy walking up to us.  Apparently he was one of those farm cats that comes and goes at will.  Someone at the function mentioned that he really needed to be adopted.  Guess where he ended up?

As it turned out, Mickey was a pretty cool cat.  He fit right in with Moose and Max and it seems that Mickey had this interest in becoming a model!



Mickey a stray cat

Mickey – The Model


Mickey now lives with my former wife.


= = =


Savannah Cats

As time moved on, I felt it necessary to add a couple more cats in my life after Moose passed on.  I did a lot of searching for the next cat that would share my life and finally ended up deciding on the Savannah breed.  These cats are gorgeous and incredibly intelligent. They can also be very expensive.

I came across several breeders that I felt could offer the best cats available and finally narrowed it down to one breeder.  After many exchanges of e-mails and telephone conversations, I decided this particular breeder was the one to go with.

On March 04, 2012, I “adopted” (I don’t believe anyone can “buy” a cat) not one but two Savannah’s – Pryderi and Abuto. I got them at:  http://www.moondreamcats.com/

Pryderi is 14 months old and is an F7 SBT Savannah, and his “cousin” Abuto who is an F8A Savannah  just turned three months on March 11, 2012. They both are the sweetest cats you could imagine although Abuto seems to have endless energy and likes to constantly play attack Pryderi!



Savannah cat, Pryderi

Here’s a couple of quick pictures of Pryderi shortly after we arrived home from the breeder:

Savannah cat, Pryderi


Pryderi a Savannah cat

Pryderi a real sweetheart!


Pryderi a Savannah cat takes it easy

Snooze time for Pryderi



Abuto a Savannah Kitten







And… Abuto, the wonder kitten:


Abuto a Savannah cat




Notice the shape of Abuto’s head – a triangular shape.  And the ears tend to be rather large.  This is a characteristic of Savannah cats. If you look closely, you will notice that his whiskers are not really straight, they are a bit wavy or maybe even crooked??

Portrait of Abuto a Savannah cat



A closer look at Abuto’s whiskers:

Abuto - A Savannah Kitten

Check out Abuto’s whiskers!


Abuto - A Savannah Kitten

Another view of Abuto’s whiskers.



Notice the long legs on this little guy!  At only 3 months old he has some rather long legs!

Portrait of Abuto a Savannah cat showing long legs

Leg shot – Abuto

After we arrived at my place, both Pryderi and Abuto settled in for a nice long Sunday afternoon nap.  The next day… a visit to the vet just to make sure everything was fine with them. The vet I use is, in my opinion, the best vet out there.  They are very, very professional, friendly and of course it’s clear they love animals. You can read about them here; The Animal Hospital. I wouldn’t hesitate a nanosecond to recommend them to anyone.

I transport my two darlings in a Sleepypod carrier, it’s the best cat carrier you can find (my personal opinion) and has a lot of different accessories that can be ordered.  The way it’s constructed is fabulous – simple to use but very durable.  You can find more information regarding Sleepypod’s here at the Sleepypod website.  But, I would highly recommend purchasing them at My Three Cats.   BTW; My Three Cats is a really outstanding online store. If you need anything for your cat(s) I would recommend shopping here.  The prices are the best I have found and, the quality of service is totally outstanding.


To view pictures of Pryderi and Abuto, click HERE


More to come at a later date!


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