How to take better pictures of your cat

When it comes to taking pictures of your cat(s), it can become rather challenging to say the least.

I’m going to give you a few simple tips here that will or should dramatically improve the quality of your cat pictures.


1. First and foremost, be prepared.  Sounds simple enough but how many times have you missed a shot because you didn’t have your camera ready to take a picture?

Pryderi a Savannah cat yawning.

Pryderi one of my Savannah cats yawning.

2. Get to the cats level.  If kitty is on the fourth level of his cat condo, you should be prepared to be at his level so you are looking directly at him. If she is on the floor running about, lay down on the floor and be ready to take a picture as she comes by to investigate what’s going on.

Pryderi a Savannah cat take a nap

Pryderi one of my Savannah cats settles down to take a nap

3. Light!!  Light can make or break any picture.  The quality and color of the light will play a major role in how well you pictures turn out.  Say kitty is by the window bird watching and it’s a bright sunny day.  You will find that on any bright sunny day there is also a lot of contrast – not the best thing for your pictures. Try to use an area that is out of the direct sunlight.  If on the other hand, it’s evening or night time, you will most likely be using the lighting inside your home – that’s tungsten light (light bulbs) and it’s very red in color as compared to daylight which is very blue in color.

Abuto a Savannah Kitten

Abuto my 4 month old Savannah Kitten

In the picture below, Abuto is illuminated by daylight which is heavy in blue color.  If you notice, on the right hand side of this picture there is a distinct red / orange glow – that’s from a light bulb within my place.  Since daylight is the primary lighting in this particular picture, the camera adjusted the color balance for daylight.  You also may notice a slight blue cast to the launch pads where Abuto is sitting.

Abuto looking out a window at the birds

Abuto looking at the birds

One way to avoid the color cast is to get in close and eliminate the background entirely, as shown below.

Abuto a Savannah kitten

Portrait of Abuto my Savannah kitten.


So there you have it!  Should you want to learn more about creating great pictures of your fury friends, send me an e-mail and I’ll put you on the update list.


Just one more picture…



Abuto on launch pad bird watching

Abuto on launch pad bird watching